Wednesday, February 4, 2009


For family home evening a couple of weeks ago, I was wondering what we were going to do. That's when Bill winks and shoots me one of those "I've got it all taken care of" smiles. I just smile back and wait for whatever lies in wait. This time....when the kids ask what we are going to do dad just says, "just wait." One of them must have asked will mom like it because all I remember is him saying mom will like part of it and some of it she won't like.
He proceeds to have us all gather around the table...draws a big circle on the sliding glass door with shoe polish and has us all name temptations that we encounter in our lives and labels them all with their first letter of the word. We have a great list and of course the middle of our target is Satan. So far so good... great lesson we'll probably use darts to stick to the window right?

WRONG! This is when Bill pulls out hollow pens and sticks little wads of paper in his mouth and shows our children the art of spit wads. GROSS! funny, effective... but Gross! I'm assuming this is the part that mom probably won't like.

However, even I all got into the action; once or twice. There is just something about sopping paper with my spit that makes me want to GAG! It probably brings back grade-school trauma
when boys used to spit spit wads in your general direction when the teacher wasn't looking. Just something about someone else's spit whizzing by my ear makes me cringe with disgust. Like I said ...effective- these are the lessons I hope our kids will remember when faced with a temptation from Satan.=)
By the way, we threatened our kids with their lives if they EVER tried this in school.


Shalantie said...

sounds like fun! you always have fun and interesting FHE nights. I remember when we had to pretend like we were on the rides at Lagoon- that was pretty hilarious. Anyhow, now you'll see your kids doing the spit wad thing all the time:) Good job bill.

Sybrina said...

Oh, that is so funny! I can just see how that must have gone down. You guys have so much fun! I need to call you...aaaah!

Andrew and Charonne- said...

that is so neat you guys are always so good at doing family night

Shelley said...

Oh my gosh - our boys would absolutely love that!! Just a few nights ago we were at Chuck-a-Rama and Jeff decides to teach them how to shoot lemon seeds out their straws. So they're prepped and ready for spit wads now I suppose. Those are the FHE lessons they'll remember forever. Someday, they'll be telling their kids about the time Grandpa taught them to shoot spit wads for FHE!

Tammy said...

haha, too funny. Such a guy lesson, though. it works!