Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thanks for the swimming lessons Grammy!

For the past 2 summers Grammy has given swimming lessons to the kids for their birthdays.
Branson and Maegan just finished with swimming lessons last week. Although it was fun I am kinda glad it's over. As soon as breakfast was over every morning I was pushing 4 kids out the door saying, "did you get your towel", "hurry get your seat belt on we are going to be late"...and "Maegan move your bike out of the way so I don't smash it". Then trying to keep Britton & Emma out of the pool the entire time and keeping them from crushing "Cheesetz" all over the ground not to mention some of the conversations that I had and sitting in the hot sun I came home from the pool utterly exhausted by 11 am. But they both learned a lot and Branson advanced to level 4 and they had a great time so it was all worth it!

Poor Bubu would ask me everyday, "am I bigger today ?" He wanted to get in the pool and swim so bad. I would tell him, "yeah you are bigger today but still not big enough to take swimming lessons until next year." Bless his heart he still kept a big smile on his face and was really good.