Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I love Sundays because It is just a time for our family to be together with out all the pressures of everyday life. This Sunday Bill and I just started reminiscing about how far we've come from the endless days of working 2 jobs and going to school full time . When we were crammed into our tiny little 600 sq ft apt (behind the bar no less) with sweltering heat night and day because we couldn't afford to turn on the a.c. We reminisced about all our good times with our friends and neighbors. Damon and Sybrina-remember the 4th of July party & your star croutons, Branson's pirate party and his 1st birthday party when my face somehow landed in his cake. For that matter pretty much all of our kids' birthday parties. There are still a lot of memories you will have to help refresh. Liz and Patrick Maravilla, You guys were some of the best neighbors we will have. Too bad I can't find you anywhere. Loved all the cooking classes from Liz and home decorating tips from Patrick. There were of course the Best home teachers we have had. Bill and I were talking about the time that Mike Simmon's came over and Bill was outside in the middle of winter in his...pretending to swim. we'll just leave it at that. And the time that We hosted a "How to host a murder" party for our friends The Simmons, Kochs, Maravillas, and the McCleans." We turned our whole house into a 1920's speaks easy and I taught myself what scallopine was. I've been making it ever since. We remembered when we were invited to the Kochs Caesar how to host a murder party with the Rudds and also the Knights Japanese one. We had so much fun with all of you!
We talked about the winter that we were invited to the McCleans cabin & hung out with you and the Simmon's we had such a great time. All the Halloween parties and the BEST Bishop & family ever. (Maw's you know who you are- we just hope you know how much you mean to us!) That's where Darlene and I met-I will never forget how you were like 8 months pregnant with Mattie and you were climbing 3 flights of stairs trying to fill up a kiddie pool one bucket of water a time. I think I offered to help ( I might have even had a hose) and we sat up on the top of the stairs and chatted...we've been friends ever since. And we just wish Doug and Emily still lived closer. We might as well have been "Lucy and Ethel". I'll never forget the time that Katie Palmer came over when I got so sick I thought I was going to die and you brought me over a tea bag full of herbs and made me a hot bath and took care of my kids for me and When Emily did the same thing. There is just something to be said about the years of poverty & sacrifice that you go through when you are first married. There are always trials in their own way whether it's financial or starting a family or whatever it is, and I think it's how you handle it that draws you closer together.
I attribute a lot of mine and Bill's wonderful relationship to those years of pulling together, lifting each other up. To putting aside selfishness and supporting each other through everything. It's how you learn to rely on each other and especially the Lord. I never thought I would see the end of the tunnel when we were going through school, but in retrospect, I would never change those years for anything- we gained some of the best friends and we became the Best of friends and eternal partners.

by the way, this was just reminiscing, we have many more family & friends and this post would have been even longer we are constantly surrounded by wonderful neighbors friends and family & looking back in 10 years we'll remember these memories too. We love you all past & present!


Shalantie said...

Well that was a fun post to read. Some of that stuff seems like so long ago. You guys really have had wonderful experiences. Sure you sacrificed, but like you said, you've also gained a ton of friends, and memories! You guys lead a GREAT life.

The Lindsey's said...

Holy cow! I cannot believe I found your blog!!! I too was reminiscing about old times and wondered if I could find you guys online. I did!! How many years has it been? Too many. Your family is so cute. Congrats on your newest arrival. I hope we can get back in touch. We're across the country from you now but the internet is the best, especially blogs =). Hope to year from you guys soon!! thelindseyloop.blogspot.com
Hope you remember us =)

Mighty Mighty Rudds said...

Yea! This was a fun post! Those were good times...much simpler, even though we didn't think so at the time! it kind of makes me feel old to say that--I think my parents used to say that! Would you please tell Darlene to contact me, I have been wanting to reconnect with her?

Jamie said...

Stephanie, check out marahaahaa.blogspot.com that is Patrick's blog, but I think there is a link to their family (Liz's) blog. I was actually just wondering about them the other day and I googled Patrick. His blog popped right up.