Thursday, October 30, 2008

Empower ME!!!

Well, I have held my tongue as long as I can- and for those of you who know me well know that is next to impossible for me so I am going to exercise my freedom of speech while I still have it.

I can't stand idly by anymore and watch this country slip into bondage-because let's face it, that's what we are headed for. At the very least I can let my voice be heard, not just at the polls but here too.

I can't help but draw parallels between here and the war in heaven. Remember, for those of you who know the story. There was 2 plans one where everything was to be easy and we wouldn't have the freedom to choose or to make mistakes, grow and therefore, reach our full potential. But we would be ensured a place back in Heaven...incidently from someone who couldn't even make that promise.

Then there was another plan of Christ who was more interested in us developing our God given talents, and allowing us to choose for ourselves right from wrong and in the process letting us fall, make mistakes and learn for ourselves the lessons that can only be learned from experience.

I think of my own children, If I jumped in and rescued them every time they made a mistake or had it hard, instead of ending up empowered they would end up crippled in this society. Certainly, that is NOT what any of us want for our children, so why in the world would we want that or accept that for ourselves? Yet that is exactly what this nation is slowly being led into.

What ever happened to taking responsibility for our own actions, health, education and finances? What happened to teaching a man to fish so that he can eat for a life time instead of feeding him for a day. We have become too dependent on the government to "jump in & save us" that we have forgotten how to be self reliant & use the genius that God has given us to figure a way to better our own situation. Is it easy? No, I for one can say that it hasn't been the easiest road but we are better people and more independent because of it. My friend Leslie said it best,"It isn't the governments job to make sure I have one. It isn't up to them to pass initiatives that make me feel better about my errant choices. Their role is to throw down the murderous, evil influences that threaten our ability to reach our own greatest potential. It is their job to provide us with as much freedom as possible."

I feel like we are being blindly led down a primrose path that promises an easier way and ultimately a government that will take care of our every need. Then when this nation finally comes to their senses and realizes we have given all our power to the government it will be too late! I don't need an "easier" way because then you take away the faith, hardship, ingenuity and the freedom that made this country what it is!
While I am on the subject, While I don't think that one person should be paid 90 million dollars over 6 years to run a financial institution, where would most of us be with out the people who are entrepreneurs and take a risk to create a business. Most of us wouldn't even have a job. Why should they be punished because of their ambition? "Spread the wealth" and you are going to discourage those that create opportunity from doing so.

I remember my 8th grade history teacher. Oh he was passionate alright! But If there is one thing I remember from him it is, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely!"
Doesn't it scare you that our government is falling into the hands of one party. Be it republican or democrat? Isn't that what this country was founded on- checks and balances so that not one single tier of the government has all the power? What is going to happen when a democratic president appoints a democratic supreme court judge and we are subject to laws based on democratic opinion and there is no one to question or fight for another way. That's not my voice being heard! who is going to stand up for me and thousands of other people like me when we have a one sided partisanship? Maybe this is what the prophet Joseph Smith said when he stated, 'The time will come when the destiny of the nation will hang upon a single thread."

I know there are several different candidates for presidency and if you want you can even "write one in", but we all know that it comes down to the two at hand. No one else is going to win this election. And for me it comes down to preserving the freedom that so many lost their lives for. It's about hanging on to the heaven inspired constitution that our God-fearing forefathers designed. I believe we all have within us the capability to reach our greatest potential but we won't do it under suppression. It's about having the freedom to choose-whether we succeed or fail- but at least give me the option. After all, isn't that what God did? Who are we to think that we can create a better system than by the divine creator himself.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Enjoy the Journey!

Well, I think some of the wisest counsel ever uttered came from our dear prophet and the church leaders who spoke at General Conference this past weekend. I felt uplifted and inspired to be a better mother, wife and member of this church. A few things really hit home for me, One was simplify your life... I think I need some improvement in that area. So there are a few things that I am doing to do that. I'll keep you posted.

Then, who can mistake the message of enduring in faith. I felt the sweet assurances of the Lord urging me to keep moving forward and be believing and all the promises of the Lord will be ours in this life and in the life to come. I felt the peace of having faith and even though the world is deteriorating around us, that as we draw closer to the Savior we have nothing to fear!

Also, the beautiful counsel of President Monson who encouraged us to "enjoy the journey". Bill and I did just that; Normally, our children are in bed by 8-8:15. I've usually "had enough" by then and can't wait for my solitude. But last night was different. After our nightly routine, our children started playing "house" It was priceless! We watched little Emma haul a baby doll which was about as big as her into a stroller and struggle to get it to stay on a chair. Branson and Maegan were cooking dinner and setting the table. Britton was asking Bill if he wanted chicken for dinner and bringing him fake food, and then I lost it laughing when I heard Branson say to Maegan about Sumo our stuffed German Shepherd, "Make sure you take Sumo out for a walk and make sure he goes pee and poo". Maegan was looking for a jump rope leash and before you know it Britton goes, "Maegan you better hurry, He already started to poop!" Bill and I cracked up. Their imaginations just run wild! We love it. I'm sure that is what the prophet means by taking time to enjoy the journey.