Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our Little Ballerina...performing!

The recital was so cute! I tried to take a few pics but when I realized they weren't turning out all that great, I decided to just sit back and take in the show and enjoy the moment. I don't know if it's because I am pregnant or just a proud momma, but I cried watching her. Then I shot a look across to Bill (who was filming it) and he was a little teary eyed too. (Shh... don't tell him I told you that) So, it was just a proud parent moment for both of us! Maegan did so well. I can't wait to watch it again. The Stewarts were sweet to come and support her. Thanks guys! I guess we will keep her in it she loves it so much!


Shalantie said...

How cute is she! Maegan is growing up so fast. I wish we could have been there. Maybe we will get to see the video when we stop by. We are supposed to fly out tonight. Hope and pray that the weather cooperates. See you soon. :)

Andrew and Charonne- said...

very sweet

Sybrina said...

She was AWESOME! We had so much fun. Today I had to giggle listening to K. sing the Lollipop song. Maybe he was more affected by it than any of us -he seemed to really enjoy the show.

But, I am so inspired to get us more into dance. Damon is a bit shy about dancing, and therefore I think we all dance less. Time to turn off the computer and TV and dance!

Hmm...inspiration is fooding my mind- maybe I will see if we can choreograph some dance for the grandparents. Although I bet Captn. B won't. Today at his school program he barely moved his lips. Next I'm going to let him watch the video to help him see how "un-entertaining" it is when he does that! Oh, well. It was still kind of cute in his own little way.

Sybrina said...

fooding = flooding


Tammy said...

what a little doll, she is so cute! I love having Bailey in dance too!